Unified Physics

u n i f i e d p h y s i c s



Physics is still missing a complete Theory of Everything, which harmonises Quantum Mechanics, Electro Magnetism, Relativity and Gravity to give us a full understanding of how the UNIverse works from the tiny to the enormous.


Surprisingly though, we are getting futher away from undersanding the UNiverse, as our theories and tools become ever more sophisticated.


Consider this: It is now estimated that ALL of the Physical Universe we can see and know something about ( Planets, Stars, Galaxies etc ) makes up only 4% of whats out there.


The rest is 26% 'Dark Matter' and 70% 'Dark Energy'.....and Science knows almost nothing about either of them....hence they are 'Dark'.


This video introduces an attempt to 'map' this matter, which is known by its Gravitational effects ( though what Gravity is, is still unkown)

The field is very dynamic, the best minds in physics in the world are trying to find a solution which has been elusive for a hundred years, and continues to be . Theoreticians and researchers such as Brian Greene, Stephen Hawkins, Jim Al-Khallili and Nassim Haramein have found a public thirsty for information and understanding and presented public information programs .


What is important is Humanity is pushing the boundary of its understanding, people are looking and searching hard, so a breakthrough, or radical transformation may take place.


That which is absent though from almost all the scientific speculations is Conciousness.


The new paradigm will place Conciousness as the ground of being, that from which the Universe arises. This is implicit in Quantum Physics, but is still too radical for much of Science to accept. Many brilliant Scientists simply ignore the presence of Conciousness or relegate it to a product of Neurobiology or Philosophy.


What they miss, is that Science itself is, and can only be, a product of Conciousness.



Below is a link to Nassim Harameins Resonance Institute, which has an Academy, and Brian Greene's World Science U education platform.





This beautiful video below gives us view of the current understanding of how the Cosmos is structured, and its relation to vast eddying and connecting forces we know very little about.



As many commentators have noted...its remarkably similar to the neuronal structure of a Brain, which is curious.