p h y s i c s



The study of the nature of the reality through mathematical modelling and extraordinary macro and micro scale observation and measurements gives us an opportunity to expand our imaginations outwards and inwards into realms where the conventional understanding fails and new ideas models and concepts need to be reached for .


This process weakens the hold of the conventional world view and opens us up to the possibility of the new.

When we are open to the new, our imaginative faculty is receptive to new flows of information.


Little in Science stretches the imagination as much as physics does: we are asked to conceive that atoms are made almost entirely of empty space, sub atomic particles jump in and out of existence, and that mathematics dependent on 11 dimensions of Reality may be describing how the Universe functions.


The most extraordinary work was done around a hundred years ago and is called Quantum Physics, which is now quite stable as a body of knowledge. However , it has gaps. The most exciting work being done today is in the search for a Theory to understand the Universe fully, which is still very much in evolution.