S c i e n c e

New Science


Over the last two decades a change has taken place leading to the term the 'New Sciences'.


Previous paradigms have been overturned and new awarenesses have arisen. The debate in the scientific community is still very lively, with some maintaining the now traditional reductionist world view grounded in Newtonian physics and a Darwinian perception of evolution, and others elucidating a more holistic and interconnected vision, which can accomodate some of the startling discoveries of Quantum Physics relating to the interaction of conciousness and matter.


However the emerging view is that the fundamental tenets at the foundation of Science for the last 300 years have been effectively overturned.

These include:


  1. Conciousness and matter are seperate and unrelated .
  2. The space between objects is empty.
  3. Life can be explained by Darwinian evolution.
  4. Who you are is determined by your genes.
  5. Human civilisation started about 5000 years ago.


A new world view is being developed in the Sciences and is being born within each of us, the preceding model has been valuable up till now, but, as we see in the pressures placed upon us and the planet, it is now time for change.


We present here some resources for understanding this emerging view in the field of Sciences.