n u t r i t i o n

We are what we eat :)


Those food stuffs which we consume become transmuted into our bodies and the energy we need to live.


Accordingly the quality of our food affects the quality of our life energy and our bodily health.


In the emerging world it is clear that there are two routes for food aquisition : from internationally linked supermarkets chains offering food which may be old, chemically fertilised and genetically modified, or from the ever increasing number of local markets offering organic and free range food products.


The damage done to our internal systems and cognitive abilities by long term consumption of pesticides and stressed foods is hard to calibrate, however a short stint of eaing raw and organic fruit and vegetables definitely delivers a marked increase in vitality, energy, and overall well being.


Our recommendation is to eat simple fresh foods, organic whenever possible, lightly cooked and locally sourced, and avoid overly large meals.


If you have a garden you can grow many of your own vegetables, if not, there are many communal gardens springing up. In England there is a town, Todmorden , which has transformed almost all its public space into an edible garden, feeding the populace for just the price of the volunteer effort it has taken to plant and maintain it.









John and Ocean Robbins have created this excellent resource for re-understanding Food.


The Food Revolution Network contains a lot of information about the manner in which food source and suply is controllled by minority interests and solutions for creating a healthy, holistic, personally and community beneficial diet.


There is a great threat to our food supply, which is being manipulated for the creation of maximum profit and minimum health.


Information and awareness are the best defences against this threat ..