H e a l i n g


for Healing


Therapies are available to help with many conditions without recourse to drugs and invasive medical practice.


It is possible that we will realise that all ailments arise in a disturbance in our emotional-energetic well being, a disturbance most commonly experienced today as stress.


This stress blocks our natural optimism and generates negative views of self and others.







As negativity takes a hold on us, disfunction sets in and we find ourselves carrying symptoms and problems in our body or mind.


We will list here many of the most common traditional and contemporary treatment methods which work to re-establish balance in both our energetic and emotional patterns, and which keep us in touch with our own innate healing abilities and natural vitality.






Conventional medicine has many benefits and if you are suffering from symptoms and disease we recomend you consult your doctor.


However it may well be that lifestyle factors (work, nutrition , exercise, social and emotional landscapes etc), can be playing a large role and we encourage the use of the resources available here to find a more holistic way to healing.

P h y s i c a l



The range of Physical Therapies available has increased considerably and we offer here a selection of those which are commonly available and are held to help heal primarily physical discomfort, or to treat the body in a primarily physical manner.


The emerging view is that physicality and emotions are interrelated, particularily in dysfunction, and that physical symptoms often arise as a result of long held negative emotional patterns.


The physical therapies available vary in the degree to which they accomodate this view, and indeed, to their ability to affect healing, it is irrelevant, what matters is the well being of the client or patient.


Some of these therapies are old beyond modern times and some have arrived through specific individuals only in recent years.

We recommend research and see which, if any, seems to appeal to you, and then see if a practitioner is available in your area.

The links below are to websites of professional organisations related to the specific therapy, or to major exponents or founders of the particular approach.


E m o t i o n a l



Emotions, like ideas, canot be explained, we do not know what they are.

But we do know how they feel.


There is one primary emotion, Love, and it is the most extraordinary force in the universe, whose power is only just beginning to be sensed by researchers.


Love has many expressions, happiness, generosity & contentment etc are all expressions of love and this emotion lies at the root of our natural state.


Almost all of us who can grow up in a loving and supporting familial environment will be healthy and emotionally balanced, but for many of us, in our fragmentary world, this is simply not a reality, and we grow up suffering from an absence of love, or worse, and this lodges in our emotional body as pain and absence.

Later, as we grow up, this pain expresses itself as anger, sadness, or fear, and may be coupled with compulsive drive to perform , or a depressive need for withdrawal. It may also be expressed as physical illness and dysfunction.


These negative emotions lodge themeslves in our emotional -energetic body like vortices, or stones, which drain us of energy.

Strategies are then needed to remove or diminish these 'stones' of negativity in our emotional body.


Once these obstacles have been removed, life can flow more freely within us and we can experience greater vitality, energy, optimism and happiness in life.


We also reconnect to the love which was with us as we were born and can be seen in all new born babies, and through this love we find a deeper conection to others and a greater sense of belonging to the human family and to nature.