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Push ups

Sit Ups




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Exercise is your body in motion.


It is one of the core competencies of which you are capable, along with thinking, feeling and bioprocesses.


It is also a fundamental component of life.


We recommend a simple exercise program which you can do at home and everyday, covering the 3 categories above.


Make it an integral part of your life.


The benefits will follow in terms of increased ability and well being as your external and internal systems become optimised.




We are designed to be in action.




The most important thing is continuity.


Do simple exercises likes those above, using your own body weight.


Start with one repetition, don't strain. Do them every day.


With each passing day, add one more, untill you reach 20 or so, or whatever feels like a comfortable limit.


It is important that you stay within your comfort zone, so that psychologically it does not appear as a big effort.


This will allow you to be able to do these exercises every day, and that is important, keeping up a simple program for the rest of your life, counteracting the detrimental effects of the sedentary lifestyle which most of us lead today.


The program need last no longer than 10 minutes.


The aim is for general fitness to enable you to live well, not sports power or extreme endurance.


Add to these a run 3 times a week and a daily stretch routine to get you in close contact with your body and open up the channels within.


A simple daily Yoga program can also be very beneficial, but the emphasis again is on daily, allowing a re-imagining of the body and its abilities, which in time, becomes your new reality .


The Canadian Air Force produced a highly effective daily 11 minute program for men , the 5BX, and for women , the 10XBX, which are included here.





Example program


  1. Forward bend. Stand straight, legs parted, raise arms & bend forward gently to bring head towards floor. Touch hands to floor/palms to floor/head to knees. Straighten up, inhaling, keeping your head as close to the body as possible. Loosens the back and keeps it flexible. 1 > 40 times
  2. Rotation. Legs parted, Arms bent at elbows, outwards sideways. Swing the body round to look over your shoulders. Losens the back and shoulders. 1 > 20 times.
  3. Sit Ups. Legs elevated, arms by sides, bring the head and upper torso off the ground, lead with forehead not chest. Return. 1 > 20 reps.
  4. Chin Ups. Lift the body of the ground hanging on the bar. 1 > 10 reps.
  5. Squats. Standing one leg in front of the other, bend the legs, straighten up pushing with the leading leg. 1 > 30 reps.
  6. Dips. Hands on arms of chair, legs bent, dip from the elbows and straighten. 1> 30 reps.
  7. Run. Every other day go for a short run, gently increasing distance and speed. Running is a n extraordinarily basic activity for humans and has great benefit in fitness, stamina, metabolic rate and overall health. Run gently and relaxed.
  8. Relax. Do not overstrain, start with really easy exercises, build up daily. Give it time and combine with good nutrition, and good sleep...