c o m m u n i t y


'Benevolence is the defining characteristic of Humanity ' - Confucius

The building of communities is a fundamental human activity and critical to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Under the appearance of seperateness there is an underlying connectivity between us all, and beyond, between all things. When we make a community with our fellow humans we start to align ourselves with this connectivity, which, as it is a natural order of things, brings us closer into harmony with life.


Much of recent developments in human civilisation have had a tendency to reduce our sense of community and connection to our neighbours: the way we work and live, the values of consumerism and materialism that we are immersed in have developed social structures which often foster atomisation and isolation: not knowing our neighbours, seperated form our parents and families, competing with our colleagues, disregarding our emotional well being etc.


Now, in the face of the collapse of the old paradigm, more and more people are turning, through neccesity or choice, to activities of mutual support and well being, moving from corporations to cooperation, and from selfishness to selflessness...'sharing is the new having'.


In many ways this is a neccesity, destroyed communities like those of Detroit USA, are finding new hope in the face of the failure and bankruptcy of their city, through communal help and farming projects, bringing new value into lives emptied of hope by financial and industrial collapse.

For these people, cooperation is a survival strategy.


However with evolutionary and scientific paradigms going through rapid change, it is also a way of life which derives from a new deeper understanding .


The concepts of Darwinian evolution,- the misdescribed 'survival of the fittest'- so readily appropriated by new liberalist economics to justify greed as a natural order are loosening their hold on the human mindset, and models of nature as a mutually supportive symphony of connected systems working for the common good are being established in economics, biology and physics.


The emerging worldview is that 'we are all in this together' and the Earth is our collective home in which we need to find a new way of living. This reflects deeper truths which have been described for thousands of years by mystical and spiritual traditions but are now being re-emphasised by scientific understandings: That we are all deeply connected, as human beings to each other, and as human beings to all life and existence, on earth and beyond.


The field of conciousness which unites the 50 trillion cells of our bodies, is the same which unites the 7 billion people of the earth, and which unites the trillions of stars in the universe.


In the words of Albert Einstein: "The field is the sole arbriter of the particle ", and the field is everywhere and every time. As human beings we are recalibrating our conciousness away from that of the particle, towards that of the field, and this is giving birth to a new understanding of connectedness and community.


"We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness"

Thich Nhat Hanh.