H a r m o n i a P l a n e t

A n i n f o r m a t i o n p o r t a l f o r a l i f e o f h a r m o n y o n E a r t h



A shift is taking place.


The mind set which has dominated human relations for the last 5 thousand years and has rapidly intensified since the Industrial Revolution is coming to an end.


Humanity is evolving.


Whilst this is no way evident if one pays attention to the conventional media channels, which overwhelmingly and deliberately focus on negative information, the internet is revealing itself as an effective means for new ideas and understandings to emerge and be communicated.


Across almost all fields of human activity, old paradigms are being questioned and new understandings emerging. In the sciences, in economc models, and in the field of religion and spirituality a concensus is emerging which emphasises connectivity and cooperation, instead of seperation and competition.


The understanding of Evolution itself is evolving.

What is evolving right now is Conciousness. Under pressure form the extreme challenges that our Materialist paradigm has produced, we are raising our level of conciousness to find a new way of living on Earth which doesn't jeopardise our own future and that of the Planet.


We intend here to provide resources for encouraging this emerging world view, bringing the new ideas together such that we can re-imagine the world in which we live and the manner in which we live here.


Please join us...